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What's New?

What's New?

If you've never visited the burghARdT site, then everything is new to you.  Click here to go back to our home page and start your visit again from there.

If you're a returning visitor, thanks for coming back.  We may not always succeed, but our hope is to have something new for you every quarter.  Here's what's new, more or less, as of the November 2008 update:

Nina Ulana Gallery:

Nina's gallery has been updated with six new paintings.  Her most recent work, 3 Craigs, is literally a painting of three men named "Craig", all born in May and 10 years apart.  This painting was initially exhibited at its setting, Murphy's Pub, in Forest Park, IL.

Additionally, the five paintings that make up the Lizard Realm series, have been posted.  These include Anole Lizard, Blue Hibiscus, Jamaican Iguana, Leopard Gecko and Plumeria.  This series was first exhibited at Forest Park National Bank in Forest Park, IL.  The following is the artist's description of this work:

"My most recent series, “Lizard Realm,” consists of five works that depict Caribbean wildlife. Flowers and reptiles are favorites of mine, and I enjoyed combining the two in this series. The flower is a temporary manifestation that often brings appreciation, awareness and consciousness. The lizard, on the other hand, often symbolizes our subconscious, our instinct and our inner desires. Through this series, I hope to inspire viewers and invoke passion and contemplation."

Click here to view these new works, as well as Nina's other paintings.

Wayne Burghardt Photo Gallery:  

As a stop-gap during a planned overhaul of Wayne's photo gallery, we have added some links to several 3rd-party sites where some of his more recent work is being displayed.  These links can be found using the first three thumbnails on his gallery index page.

Upcoming Changes:  

We are in the process of a complete overhaul of the burghARdT galleries:

Wayne Burghardt has been busy scanning all his old negatives and slides in order to exhibit a number of excellent photos that have yet to be made public.  Some of his new digital photography will soon be making its way here as well.  All his photo galleries will be replaced with new ones, and these new galleries will be defined by location or subject, rather than by the date the images were captured.

Wayne is also hoping to add a few new audio samples of his most recent symphonic work.  All are works in progress, but since he is on a hiatus from composing he thought he could at least make some new material available.

The Nina Ulana gallery will also be taking on a new form.  The single page will be replaced by several topical galleries.

Finally, we hope to streamline the ordering process soon by switching to a 3rd-party vendor for the fulfillment of print and CD orders.  Until that happens, please continue to use the existing form.

Comments? Suggestions? Criticisms? wayne@wburghardt.com