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Burghardt & Budz

Many years ago, when The Dead City Planners were still playing, Wayne Burghardt and John Budz got together on occasion in Chicago to record some guitar, keyboard and vocal renditions of various Planners tunes.

In the fall of 1999, Burghardt & Budz got together once again, this time in Austin, to add some bass, rhythm guitar and drum tracks to the old 2-track recordings.  This was their first attempt to record directly into a computer -- at least as far as the bass tracks went.  For the drum tracks, they used Hector at Hot Sauce Studios.

Give a listen, then, to the clips from these songs, each of which was partially recorded in the mid 1980s and completed in fall of 1999.  John is playing lead guitar, rhythm guitar and bass guitar.  Wayne is playing keyboards and drums.

Note: You will need the G2 version of RealAudio's free RealPlayer to listen to these samples:

Song Title Composer
Seduction Wayne Burghardt
The Babe Wayne Burghardt
Once Again Wayne Burghardt
With You Near Me Wayne Burghardt
X + 1 Bob Como


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