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The Dead City Planners

The Dead City Planners was a band formed by a group of friends in the mid-eighties.  There were three of us at the core - Bob Como on drums, keyboards and vocals; John Budz on lead guitar;  Wayne Burghardt on drums, keyboards and vocals.  Our bass players included Mike Bieniek, Piyush Chandra and Jan Como.

Wayne and Bob wrote most of the music.  John also wrote a couple of songs, and he added his unique mark to all the others.  Our repetoire consisted of over 50 original songs plus a handful of reinterpreted covers.

The Planners songs are a bit on the raunchy side.  If that's what you like, then give these a listen.

Note: You will need the G2 version of RealAudio's free RealPlayer to listen to these samples:

Song Title Composer
Shock Proof Bob Como
Picnic In Gary Wayne Burghardt
Reclining Nude John Budz, Jr.
Happy Bob Como
You Didn't Know Wayne Burghardt


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