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Texas Sessions

Texas Sessions was formed inadvertently in the Fall of 1996.  Wayne Burghardt was visiting his friend John Budz in Austin, TX during an extended camping trip.  They got together with John's friend Stewart Cundy to play one afternoon.  It went so well that the three have got together a couple of times a year since then to play and record new music.

All songs by Texas Sessions are originals, with Stewart and Wayne doing the writing.  John plays bass and rhythm guitar, Stewart plays lead guitar and Wayne plays keyboards and drums and sings.

Take a few minutes to listen to these samples and let us know what you think.  If you would like to purchase a CD, the price is $15.00 (U.S.), including shipping and handling.

Note: You will need the G2 version of RealAudio's free RealPlayer to listen to these samples:


Song Title Composer
Kermit's Stomp Stewart Cundy
If Only You Were Here Wayne Burghardt
It Hasn't Been So Long Wayne Burghardt
The Big Bend Stewart Cundy
She's Calling Wayne Burghardt
Who Knows Wayne Burghardt

Comments? Suggestions? Criticisms? wayne@wburghardt.com