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Texas Sessions, February 2001

(aka Raised from the Dead City Planners)

In February 2001, we began a project to resurrect some of the old Dead City Planners tunes.  Fifteen years after the original recordings, we now had the equipment and patience to put together some high-quality renditions of these very driving songs.   While some of the raw, youthful energy may have been lost (just a bit), we feel we have more than made up for this with improvements in our playing, recording and mixing techniques.  These songs tend to feature John on lead guitar, power chords, and bass, Wayne on piano, and Bob on drums.  The songs included in this group are I Want You, Rolling Along, Secrets and Why Are Things This Way.

Although we revisited some old Planners songs in the February 2001 sessions,  we did not ignore our more recent compositions.  These tend to feature Stew on lead guitar, John on rhythm guitar and bass, Wayne on piano and Bob on drums.  Included in this group are Evensong, Fred's Coffee, Frolic, Missing You, Mumbly Fingers, Release, Road Trip and The Rufus Song.

Click here if you are so impressed with these audio samples that you would like to order a CD of all 18 songs from the February 2001 Sessions.

Note: You will need the G2 version of RealAudio's free RealPlayer to listen to these samples:

Song Title Composer
I Want You Bob Como
Rolling Along Bob Como
Secrets Bob Como
Why Are Things This Way Bob Como
Evensong Wayne Burghardt
Fred's Coffee John Budz, Jr.
Frolic Wayne Burghardt
Missing You Wayne Burghardt
Mumbly Fingers Wayne Burghardt
Release Wayne Burghardt
Road Trip John Budz, Jr.
The Rufus Song Wayne Burghardt


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