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Texas Sessions, May 2000

(aka Como's return)

In May of 2000, Wayne Burghardt, John Budz and Stewart Cundy got together in Texas to record some new music.  While most of the songs were written by Budz and Burghardt, there was a new twist this time around.  Bob Como, a good friend and former co-member of the Dead City Planners, wrote his first new song in about 10 years, and it was promptly run through the Texas Sessions machinery.  Over the summer, and back in Chicago, Como added drum tracks to the material that had been recorded earlier in Texas, thus setting the stage for a whole new direction in the Texas Sessions sound.

For most of the audio samples below, Stewart is playing lead guitar, John is playing rhythm guitar and bass guitar, Wayne is playing keyboards and Bob is playing drums.  The most noteable exceptions are the songs "Forty", on which Bob plays both keyboards and drums, and on both "Pam" and "Old Dm Over C", on which Wayne plays both keyboards and drums.

Click here if you would like to order a CD of the May 2000 Sessions.

Note: You will need the G2 version of RealAudio's free RealPlayer to listen to these samples:

Song Title Composer
Blues in E1 John Budz, Jr.
Blues in E2 John Budz, Jr.
Forty Bob Como
New A Minor Wayne Burghardt
Old C Major Wayne Burghardt
Old G Minor Wayne Burghardt
Pam Bob Como
Tania Wayne Burghardt


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