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Wayne's Music

To help direct you to the music you are most interested in hearing, I have divided the audio samples into several categories.   Click on your pick:

  • Solo Piano
    This is just what it sounds like: me at the piano.
  • Texas Sessions (the early years)
    The closest I've ever come to mainstream rock & roll.
  • Texas Sessions (May 2000)
    Bob Como, formerly of The Dead City Planners, joins the band to add his unique flavor to the mix.
  • Texas Sessions (February 2001)
    aka Raised from the Dead City Planners, this page contains samples of some remakes of more youthful tunes, plus some new, more mature yet still intense, compositions.
  • Burghardt & Budz
    This is kind of an unplugged version of Planners music, smoothed by the passage of time.

Comments? Suggestions? Criticisms?   wayne@wburghardt.com